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Meet Ella V: CEO of Esthemax Philippines and Owner of VGlow Beauty Bar

March 6, 2024

Girl Boss, Ella V, Discusses Her Life of Entrepreneurship and Passion For Reviving The Power of Inner Beauty

As the morning sun rises over the gentle shores of Costa Mesa, California, Ella V. is just thirteen minutes from the sea preparing for the day at VGlow Beauty Bar. VGlow Beauty Bar is a medical grade skin care and spa service company that specializes in providing clientele with dermatologically tested, cruelty-free beauty treatments. This premiere beauty destination is equipped with the latest developed Hydrafacial Machines and Platelet-Rich Plasma Technology. As well as being the owner of VGlow Beauty, Ella is a licensed esthetician that feels immense joy at providing naturally derived, sulfate-free skincare products for clientele.

At VGlow Beauty Bar, clients will discover state-of-the-art Celluma Pro Light technology. Celluma is a professional grade LED light therapy that achieves visible anti-aging and skin improving results in as little as four weeks time. Clients may also enjoy the benefits of SkinPen treatments at VGlow Beauty. The SkinPen Micro-needling device is the first FDA approved Micro-needling instrument of its kind. Skincare treatments that utilize the SkinPen have been clinically approved to enhance the texture of facial skin on both men and women. All procedures at VGlow Beauty Bar are administered by licensed Physicians, Nurses, Estheticians, and Medical Assistants. At VGlow Beauty your care specialist’s mission is to enhance your quality of life, “we believe in creating a kind of energetic beauty that is more than skin deep; the transformation you receive from VGlow will blossom from within.”

Ella’s career is centered around advancing her passion for empowering women in the realm of beauty and wellness. She has a deep love for providing all people with opportunities to discover true personal transformation. It comes as no surprise that in addition to owning VGlow Beauty Bar, Ella is also the esteemed CEO and ambassador of ‘Esthemax Philippines’. Since 1995, Esthemax has been dedicated to providing professional skincare solutions tailored to diverse skin types and conditions. Their vegan, cruelty-free products have garnered trust from over 30,000 aesthetic centers and spas worldwide. With over three decades of experience in the beauty industry, Esthemax remains steadfast in their commitment to delivering top-quality cosmetics that cater to the ever-changing needs of customers, society, and the environment. The core of Esthemax’s brand philosophy is built upon an unmoving dedication to natural skincare principles such as Performance, Purity, and Pleasure. Esthemax’s products are certified organic, sitting pretty in biodegradable packaging with gluten-free attributes.

In Ella’s capacity as CEO of Esthemax and brand ambassador for the Philippines, her dream of extending skincare and wellness to a wider audience is fulfilled. ,“Esthemax’s innovative and high-quality skincare products perfectly align with my mission of fostering self-care and confidence,” says Ella ,”Through distributing Esthemax products, my aim is to empower individuals to achieve their skincare goals and enhance their overall well-being. Representing such a reputable brand is truly an honor, and I am dedicated to contributing positively to the beauty and wellness industry in the Philippines.” Ella’s current focus is set on boosting the Esthemax Philippines Stockist program with the intention of elevating the presence of beauty businesses in the Philippines. She is also locked into promoting her Skin Pro campaign that is rooted in redefining self-care and confidence. Juggling these significant roles demands a delicate balance of multitasking and collaboration, yet Ella’s drive is continuously fueled by witnessing the positive impact of her efforts. Despite the demands of her action-packed schedule, Ella remains enthusiastic about cultivating a new movement of empowering women while still treasuring precious moments with her loved ones. Ella expressed that being a devoted wife and mother are the most meaningful titles she holds. She happily involves her children in various aspects of her creative work, teaching them about the raw nature of entrepreneurship, responsibility, and the utter importance of pursuing burning passion.

In true girl boss fashion, Ella reveals that her day-to-day activities must always incorporate a workout session to regulate the state of her body and mind. She prefers to engage the full range of her senses bright and early. “Mornings typically start with either a quick workout session or regular morning stretch to invigorate my body and mind. Following this, I dedicate time to engage in quiet moments of prayer and reflection, which help set a positive tone for the day ahead.Once I’m mentally and physically prepared, I dive into my work tasks, which often include overseeing operations for my businesses, collaborating with team members, and strategizing future initiatives. Throughout the day, I make sure to prioritize self-care by incorporating healthy meals and short breaks for relaxation or mindfulness practices. Still, amidst the hustle and bustle of my professional endeavors, my personal priority remains firmly rooted in placing family first.” Throughout the day, Ella reserves time for her loved ones through shared meals, meaningful conversations, and quality bonding activities. She is intentional about disconnecting from work-related tasks when she is in the presence of her treasured tribe.

The beauty and fashion routine Ella swears by revolves around simplicity, consistency, and self-care. “For me, beauty starts from within, so I prioritize staying hydrated, eating nutritious foods, and getting enough rest.” Ella enjoys maintaining a gentle skincare routine tailored to her skin’s needs using SkinPro products like Esthemax and VGlow for maximum care. ,”Skincare is a crucial aspect of my routine. I rely on high-quality products such as Esthemax masks and VGlow treatments to keep my skin healthy and radiant. These products are carefully formulated to address specific skincare concerns, providing nourishment, hydration, and protection.” After delicately tending to the texture of her skin, Ella prepares to face the world in timeless pieces of fashion that reflect her personal style.

“I believe in investing in quality staples that can be mixed and matched to create versatile looks. The power of accessories elevates any outfit and adds a touch of personality. By combining simple and effective skincare routines with versatile fashion choices, I am able to enhance my natural beauty and express myself authentically. Ultimately, my beauty and fashion routine is all about enhancing my natural features, embracing simplicity, and taking care of myself both inside and out. Through prioritizing self-care and staying true to my personal style, I feel empowered and confident in my own skin.”

Ella V. is the embodiment of regal grace; her aura is a crisp white cloud cultivated through her practice of worship and faith. ,”In moments of quietness and prayer, I find solace and strength, allowing me to navigate the demands of my schedule with resilience. Those moments of reflection ground me and remind me of my purpose, helping me maintain a positive mindset to stay focused on my goals. It’s in those moments of connection and joy that I find solace and fulfillment, reminding me of the richness of life’s experiences.” Ella delivers the gentleness of her spirit into every aspect of VGlow Beauty and Esthemax Philippine’s. She is undoubtedly a beacon of elegance, determination, and sincerity.