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Garth Garcia Is LA’s Next Chart Topping Sensation

June 13, 2024

Garth Garcia is the jack of all trades singer, producer, and entrepreneur taking Los Angeles by storm. His latest EP, titled “Lifelines”, is an Apple Music favorite. The EP features five tracks dear to the heart of Garcia, who recorded the album during his home tour in the Philippines. Earlier this year, The Music of ABBA picked Garth as their first choice musical act for national tour. Garth was overjoyed by this legendary invitation, and opened with his music at countless shows across the country. Garth’s passion for music transcends the traditional – for it is ignited by a selfless desire to gift the world back what music has gifted him.

As a child, Garth was surrounded by musical influences in the coziness of his household. Garth recalls that his record collecting and jazz loving father, introduced him to bountiful genres of music. The Stylistics were an early inspiration to Garcia; his romantic ballads long brainstormed since the days of his earliest memories. Garth’s father had a radio that played smooth jazz throughout the days of childhood, influencing him now to make music that can be enjoyed throughout the movements of time. Though Garth Garcia is admired for his rosy pop-singles, he is currently experimenting with new singles in the popular EDM, electro style. The artist revealed that ,“My musical style changes during different moments of my life, and I want to share my authenticity with my supporters.”

Since moving to Los Angeles from the Philippines, Garth has been exploring the river of musical talents that flow through the city. Garth expressed that his decision to move to California was lead by the dream of meeting like-minded artists to collaborate with. On his creative days, Garth spends studio sessions in the presence of LA’s stand-out producers, emerging song-writers, and seasoned engineers. He records music only a few times a month to ensure that other inventive thinkers will be there to lend their perspectives. ,“While recording, I draw inspiration from Bruno Mars, and H.E.R.” said Garth , “They are symbols of my Filipino roots. They bring so much honor to our heritage with unparalleled charisma. It’s my ultimate dream to work with them both. I am constantly striving to evolve into an artist who brings as much life to music as they do.”

During his performances at talent shows during the years of his youth, Garth imagined what it would be like to unite the power of amazing artists. Before he began singing in front of sold-out crowds, Garth’s talent show community would uplift him backstage, creating for him a perception of performing based around feeling true harmony. Now, turning his visions into reality – Garcia manages eight talents at Starlink; each artist the creator of a musical catalog loved by fans across the globe.

During the business week, Garth leads the next generation of Filipino-American artists to stardom, at his record label – Starlink. Talents under the umbrella of Garth’s recording label include MS. TOOTSIE GUEVARA, honored with several gold and multi-platinum awards over the course of her career in the Philippines. ,“We are the home legends, bringing into the world new legends. May music forever live on,” stated Garth.

In Los Angeles, Garth has learned how to adapt to the tides with pieces of advice from his father.
The artist conveyed that his father is his most trusted confidant; absorbing his sage wisdom to sustain his momentum. ,“My father once told me that while it’s okay to consider many people friends – one must consider that not every ‘friend’ wants to lift you high. He said that some friends’ will wait for the right moment to bring you down, and it is through staying true to yourself that you will know how to bravely move forward.” Garcia lives by his fathers guidance, feeling ‘forever indebted’ to the man who introduced him to the sea of sound. Garth expressed that, in Philippine culture, connections to those you love are valued over every possible material possession. While making music, Garcia remains loyal to his integrity as a recording-artist, eager to put sounds into the world that bring forth new joys.