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Exploring Kristen Stewart’s Hidden Treasures: Overlooked Films Across Every Genre

February 26, 2024

Kristen Stewart, known for her versatile acting abilities, has graced the screen in a variety of roles across different genres. While some of her performances have received widespread acclaim, there are several underrated gems in her filmography that showcase her talent. Here’s a curated list of underrated films featuring Kristen Stewart, spanning various genres:

Drama: “Certain Women” (2016)

Directed by Kelly Reichardt, “Certain Women” is a quiet yet powerful drama that explores the lives of four women in small-town America. Kristen Stewart delivers a nuanced performance as a young lawyer navigating complex relationships and personal struggles. Despite its critical acclaim, the film remains relatively underseen, making it a hidden gem in Stewart’s filmography.

Thriller: “Personal Shopper” (2016)

In “Personal Shopper,” directed by Olivier Assayas, Kristen Stewart portrays a young woman working as a personal shopper for a celebrity while grappling with her own psychic abilities and a mysterious presence. Blending elements of psychological thriller and supernatural drama, Stewart delivers a captivating performance that anchors the film’s enigmatic narrative.

Romance: “Equals” (2015)

“Equals,” directed by Drake Doremus, presents a dystopian world where emotions are suppressed, and human connections are forbidden. Kristen Stewart stars alongside Nicholas Hoult in this understated romance that deftly explores themes of love, identity, and freedom. Despite its visually stunning cinematography and poignant performances, “Equals” remains a lesser-known gem in Stewart’s filmography.

Science Fiction: “The Clouds of Sils Maria” (2014)

While not traditionally classified as science fiction, “The Clouds of Sils Maria,” directed by Olivier Assayas, incorporates elements of metafiction and existential themes. Kristen Stewart shines opposite Juliette Binoche as the loyal assistant to an aging actress, navigating the complexities of fame, aging, and artistic integrity. Stewart’s portrayal adds depth to the film’s exploration of identity and perception.

Comedy: “Adventureland” (2009)

Directed by Greg Mottola, “Adventureland” is a coming-of-age comedy set in the 1980s, following a recent college graduate who takes a job at a run-down amusement park. Kristen Stewart delivers a charming performance as the disillusioned yet spirited love interest, showcasing her comedic timing and natural charisma in a role that adds heart to the film’s nostalgic charm.

Action: “Underwater” (2020)

“Underwater,” directed by William Eubank, offers a claustrophobic and suspenseful underwater thriller set in a research facility at the bottom of the ocean. Kristen Stewart leads the cast as a mechanical engineer who must navigate treacherous depths and mysterious creatures to survive. Despite its intense action sequences and Stewart’s compelling performance, “Underwater” flew under the radar for many audiences.

Kristen Stewart’s filmography is filled with underrated gems across a variety of genres, showcasing her range and talent as an actress. From thought-provoking dramas to pulse-pounding thrillers, these films offer audiences a chance to appreciate Stewart’s diverse body of work beyond her more widely recognized roles.