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Entrepreneur And Founder of SKINPOEM: Chin Simpson

March 6, 2024

Today, most people associate effective skincare routines with a hefty price tag; however, times are changing and the two can co-exist. SKINPOEM defies expectations by offering the results you want at an affordable price. The entrepenuer and founder of SKINPOEM, Christine “Chin” Simpson, has combined her favorite interests of poetry and skincare into one to create a brand that is unique and helpful.

Chin began building her skincare brand during the COVID-19 lockdown by researching deeper into skincare shortly after discovering her brother was diagnosed with psoriasis. SKINPOEM is “skincare created with you in mind,” as her brother was her inspiration to find a solution to his skin, it led her to embark on her journey to discover quality in ingredients and formulation. In that pursuit she discovered not only a true passion for skincare, but moreso skincare that individuals can trust and love.

In her journey, Chin has faced trials and tribulations, yet her family’s unwavering support system has outweighed any discouragement. Having dreamt of owning and operating her own business from a young age, she was fueled by that passion. Rightfully so, it led to creating the skincare we know and love. SKINPOEM has products withnatural and clean ingredients to truly help heal your skin.

Chin believes that good skin looks differently than the beauty standard has led us to believe. Instead, good skin is, “the one we have and the one that we will embrace.” This is why SKINPOEM is at its foundation built on self-love and encouraging others to embrace themselves in the same light.

Distinguishing her skincare brand apart from others, Chin includes a poem with each product, as poetry is an incredibly key part to the skincare’s philosophy. While using the products, it is encouraged to read the affirmations featured not only as part of their skincare routine but also their incorporating self-care. The way we speak to ourselves shapes our self-perception. Chin has created SKINPOEM to encourage users to choose self-compassion and kindness instead.

Regardless of what you are seeking, SKINPOEM has something to cater to everyone’s skin concerns. Whether you are looking to restore moisture or for a rejuvenating reset for anytime of the day, the Hydrating and Brightening Mist is your go to. Formulated with Fucoidan algae from France, it is a great additon after your usual skin regimen or over your makeup application.

Alongside another great addition to your skin routine is the Cleansing Glow Facial Wash, enriched with Equibotics and Lactic Acid perefct for strenghtening your skin’s natural defenses. It gently exfoliates the skin to remove any build up and caters to sensitive skin. Great for both morning and nightime use! To discover new products or new releases join the e-mailing list to get exclusive offers and discounts.

Since the launch of SKINPOEM, they have grown tremendously with a commitment to excellence in skincare. Chin is eager to introduce more products to reach even more audiences and cater to more individuals seeking effective skincare solutions. SKINPOEM remains dedicated to expanding by catering to a diverse range of skin types, ensuring customers feel empowered and fully satisfied with their skincare experience.